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Socks for runners are just as important as shoes. Wearing the right type of running socks not only can keep you running confidently, but also keep your feet dry and comfortable whether you are going for a short jog around the neighborhood, or are challenging long trails for long periods of time. Now, there are socks designed specifically for runners. They come in many different types of material, thicknesses, sizes and features. What makes them different from other typical casual socks is that running socks take into consideration the potential strains that pose on your feet and its effects as well.

    When choosing socks for running, the most important thing to consider is the material. As a rule of thumb, never choose 100 percent cotton socks, because once cotton gets wet, it’ll stay wet, and the moisture won’t get out of your feet. Idea running socks are ones that are made from synthetic materials such as acrylic,
CoolMax, and polyester. These fibers can pull moisture away from your skin to help keep your feet comfortable and dry. To avoid possible blisters, a good pair of running socks has an elastic arch lock to keep the sock in place, but some room for your toes, and the extra padding in the heel and toes that also can protect your ankle. These design might increase some thickness, therefore, you had better try your socks with shoes. In addition, you have to make sure the size is right, especially notice the heel portion of the socks must perfectly land on your heel.

     The thickness of the socks is also one of important things. Although choosing thick or thin socks sometimes depends on personal preference and weather condition, you still have to consider it carefully because that might become a major reason of your uncomfortable feeling when running. These days, compression running socks become popular with runners, which can improve blood flow to the muscles.
     Just like choosing running shoes, choosing running socks should take into account your personal preference and style. You can try out with different socks lengths and features to find the right ones or ask for a socks factory to make your own custom socks that work the best for you in different situations.