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To most men, it is always annoying to have the socks falling down around the ankles when they are dressed in suits or other attires. It will be uncomfortable and bothersome to pull the socks back up on the go. And Keep your socks from falling down is one of some small details that helps you look your best.

  1. Choose over the calf length socks
It is a pretty simple but most important thing to consider about. The shorter your socks, the more likely they will fall down, so to even stand a chance for your socks to stay up all day, you need over the calf length socks because the place they sit is the smaller part of the calf. Once they sit up there with the right tightness, they will hardly come down, although not every pair of socks that is long will automatically stay up.
  1. Buy socks with quality elastic
Over the calf socks should have quality elastic that is long and strong. Quality elastic
not only can make the socks stay perfectly in place all day, but also last long being washed week after week without losing that grip. 
  1. Look for the right size
Unfitting socks will definitely make sock-falling troubles for you. If your socks are too small, the heel won’t land in the right place on your foot so socks will be easy to slip down. If your socks are too big, they will be too loose to come down. You need to make sure the sock fit your foot. That will perfectly help to keep your socks in place.
Moreover, the quality one-size-fits-all socks with arch support can also prevent socks from slipping and sagging.
  1. Buy new socks
If you have many socks that cannot stay in place any more, it’s time to clean out your sock drawer. Throw away any socks that are droopy, old or unfitting. Replace them with new, high-quality socks. Following the tips above when you purchase the new socks will help you get away from slouching socks!